About Career Arena

Career Arena’s expertise is based on a realistic understanding of the relationship between individuals and organisations. People who have benefited from this expertise range from recent graduates to MBAs and PhDs and from entry level to senior managers.

Our clients

Some have been trying to find their niche. Some have been faced with a difficult challenge such as looming redundancy. Others have been trying to cope with a tricky situation or a stroppy boss. Yet others have been hoping to return to work after a career break or simply looking for more job satisfaction.

By way of example, a senior medical sales executive has just moved on from redundancy to set up her own business. And, in a departure from Career Arena’s usual clientele, 16 year-old Lewis who was facing interviews for entry at two high-achieving schools has been helped with some coaching. He now has a provisional offer, depending on his exam results, from one of the schools and has been awarded a scholarship by the other. Congratulations Lewis!

But what all these people, from Lewis to a senior executive coping with redundancy have in common is they face the challenge of a highly competitive market place. To meet that challenge the first step is to develop a clear understanding of what they have to offer. And that is where Career Arena’s expertise comes in.

That expertise has been developed by Dorothy Wilson who has in-depth experience of working with people in personal and career development and transition situations.

She has a Diploma in Management from the Open University and an MA in Human Resources Management with career development as the dissertation subject. Additionally, her broad-based experience has given her wide knowledge of the career arena – the market place in which we all have to earn a living. Her international perspective comes from a long-term involvement with an international exchange programme including a spell as European President of the Alumni Association.

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“ Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know their strengths, their values and how best they perform ”.

Peter Drüker, Management Guru