So how does all of that feed into a programme to take your career forward? The key is the Development Cycle, on which all Career Arena programmes are based. The advantage of this Cycle is that it combines the flexibility to cope with your individual challenge or dilemma whilst providing the focus, to take you forward.

The core components are:

Developing Your Self Awareness

Exploring personality preferences and hidden talents

Motivational triggers, values and life style choices

Strengths [and weaknesses!] and organisational fit

Boosting confidence & self esteem

Defining Your “Offer”

Competencies & Expertise Profiling

A dynamic CV – not just a record of the past but a pointer to your future

Generating Options

Researching the market place and discovering what employers are looking for

Sourcing and evaluating vacancies [advertised and unadvertised]

Matching your Profile to openings

Getting There!

Tailoring your CV to the requirements of a particular employer

Submitting your application

Preparing for interviews, including dealing with those tricky questions and putting together a presentation

Settling into your new job

Moving Forward!

Looking forward to the next steps in your career development

And if you are thinking of starting your own business the flexibility of the Development Cycle means that it can be easily be adapted to help your ambitions.

Now for one of the most important questions. How much will it cost? For recent graduates there is a Career Starter programme for £350. For people who are further along in their working lives the cost of a full programme is likely to be in the range of £750-£1250. If you are looking for help with a single aspect of your career development, for example, preparing for an interview, why not talk to us about your requirements.

Indeed for a free, no obligation, discussion about how a Career Arena programme can help you achieve your aspirations just contact us.

Professional – Flexible – Cost Effective