Planning Your Career Change

 If opportunities in your field are thin on the ground a career change may seem the only option.  But in today’s economic climate planning a change of job presents a challenge. Planning a change of career may seem like climbing a mountain.    That said the ability to manage change is a very marketable competence so demonstrating it in your approach to developing your career is a good tactic.  


A starting point is to put together a structure around which your career change can be planned and organized.   Here is an outline to help your thinking:-  


  1. Even if you are feeling pretty negative about your current situation a desire to change your career is a sign that you are still developing as a person so approach it in a positive frame of mind.


  1. Develop an understanding of yourself and what you have to offer in the job market.   That will be a combination of core attributes, which come from your personality, learned skills and knowledge plus experience.  Then group those into a Competencies Profile that illustrates expertise and presents your USP.


  1. Have your eyes on the horizon but your feet on the ground and temper aspiration with realism.  If your ambition is to work in – say – marine zoology but you dream of living in the Swiss Alps you might just end up with some complicated logistical problems.


  1. Carry out some simple market research to identify jobs that “spark” you. Then analyze what the recruiter is looking for.


  1. That will give you some idea of the gaps between where you are now and where you would like to be.  


  1. Then think in terms of stepping stones to enable you to bridge those gaps.


  1. Now sort out your marketing plan in which your CV will be a tactical tool that is a pointer towards the future rather than merely a list of tasks you have performed in the past.


Of course this will take time, but that time will be an investment in your future. Surely you deserve that!